Business Strategy 101 Watch Preview

Find your way around the theories and tools of business strategy. 

Discover the raw material you need to create sustainable growth initiatives within your organisation. 

Business strategies emerge from the people taking part in an organisation. 

Business strategy is a team sport which requires creative and analytical people. Being involved with business strategy has never been so exciting than ever before. 

Come to discover how you can contribute to creating something good for society and profitable for your organisation.


This online programme introduces you to the difference between strategy and business strategy. Successful organisations focus on creating new value for their customers rather than fighting with competitors. Discover how business competition is as a positive-sum game, where multiple competitors can 'win' and strive in the same industry. 

What is the importance of communicating the strategy within an organisation? In this programme, you'll realise the essential role that (formal and informal) conversations among employees play in creating new strategies. 

Monitoring the changes in your industry is another essential step in the formation of any new and sustainable strategy. Not only understanding but predicting a shift, e.g. in technology is a source of stable advantage for any organisation.  Turning these changes in new growth initiatives is the role of the innovator within an organisation.  

Introducing two different ways of thinking about innovation. 

Let's explore lean start-up methodologies and Design thinking or human-centred design. 

Creating sustainable strategies is management's ultimate challenge. This online programme is an attempt to clarify the basic concepts and tools behind successful business strategies. 

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10 Lessons

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Strategy Vs. business strategy

Exploring the difference between strategy and business strategy - 03:47.

The value proposition (explained)

Introducing the basic concept of the value proposition: the custome(s), set of need(s) & price charged.

Business competition - how does it work?

Business competition - how does it work?

Describing Vs. creating a business strategy

The difference between describing and creating your unique way to compete.

The importance of communicating the strategy

The importance of communicating your strategy inside your organisation (employees) and outside (competitors) - making the strategy feel real.

Monitoring the changes in your industry

Maintaining competitive advantage requires you to understand and anticipate the changes happening in your industry.

Turning changes into new growth initiatives

Turning changes or shifts happening in your industry into new opportunities for new value creation.

The lean start-up

Developing a new value proposition - The Lean Startup

Design thinking

Creating sustainable strategies

Let's recap the different concepts we have explored in this course.