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By Stefano Messori

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About Stefano Messori

Design Strategist - Online Trainer & Facilitator

Stefano assists teams in moving their creative effort from a physical to an online space to generate and test new ideas and opportunities for organic growth.

What Our Members Have to Say:

“Very busy design elements. Colorful and happy.” ― Eve Kedar
“It's a good intro and informative about Strategic Design.” ― Ahmad Hassouna
“Excellent well done, I have more than 20 years as Industrial Designer, doing product innovation mainly in automotive, with MBA and marketing speciality today I teach, consult and have my own firm. I truly appreciate your work Stefano thanks on been so clear and helpfull.” ― Alexander Morales Heinen
“Easy, short and precise. I always lack words when I need to explain Strategic Design. This explanation is simple and to the point. Thanks for this, I hope it'd be easier for me now to explain to my friends and clients. Good luck.” ― Nikhar Ramnani
“Great! Thanks a lot for the explanations. It was very clear. Now I'll be able to explain what is Strategic Design without making a fool of myself.” ― Sièle Monsta
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