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This online programme introduces you to the basic concepts, tools and a process for starting a Design Thinking initiative in your organisation.

Linear thinking is very helpful for those challenges where there is a specific problem to solve, a set of solutions is available, and an optimal or rational choice is possible.

Design Thinking solves those problems or pursue opportunities where there is no clear explanation at first, and there is the need to implement a set of new solutions.

This programme is for:

1) Managers and entrepreneurs seeking new opportunities for value creation to grow their companies sustainably.

2) Professionals interested in Design thinking in need to learn more about the basic concepts, tools and its process.

3) Rational thinkers, willing to explore how creativity can be a source of competitive advantage.

4) Teams responsible for the innovation effort of their organisations.

What you will learn:

1) Discover and understand how to apply the first steps of the design process to your new venture.

2) Improve your ability to think like a designer managing both convergent and divergent thinking.

3) Strengthen your empathy, meaning your ability to better understand people and their needs.

Programme requirements:

The design process requires working as part of a team.

The availability of a room (real or virtual) is highly recommended for implementing the design process.

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13 Lessons

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13 Lessons in Design Thinking Process:

1. Project Warm-up

Design Opportunity Template

Assessing the Design Opportunity

Project Scope Template

Scoping your project

Design Brief Template

Drafting your Design Brief

Setting & Tools plan

Allies Plan Template

Allies Plan

2. Observation

Research Plan Template

Research Plan


Design Criteria Template

Napking Pitch Template