Introduction to Strategic Design Watch Preview

Rational and creative thinking in business innovation. 

How do successful organisations maintain their edge despite of change and unexpected shifts in the environment?

Conventional strategic thinking theories offer us the rationality of competitive advantage, but they fall short to suggest innovative ways to achieve novel and sustainable advantage.

Design thinking (not to be confused with industrial design) offers us a process and a toolkit to identify unarticulated customer needs and to create innovative solutions around them.  

Strategic Design combines the rationality of strategic thinking with the creativity of the design process. 

This short introduction to Strategic Design is free and aims at starting a conversation in management on how to apply the principles and the tools of Strategic Design to create solutions (products and services) enhancing the lives of people while fostering the strategic sustainability of an organisation.

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5 Lessons

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An intro to strategic design

A presentation on Strategic Design.

The origins of strategic design

Strategic design is an emerging business practice merging the rationality of strategic thinking with the creativity of the mindset of the designer.

Strategic Thinking: the rational side of business

A quick intro to strategic thinking theories emerging in business practices and formalised by academics after the Second World War.

Design Thinking: the creative side of business

Creative thinking is only recently finding its way into the business world. Design thinking is a problem-solving method suited to solve wicked problems, where rationality cannot provide answers.

Strategic Design: rational and creative thinking for business

The future is here. Strategic Design merges the rationality of strategic thinking with the creativity and experimentation of the design process.